My favorite band from Kenya released a new song this week!!! Sauti Sol’s newest single, “Money Lover” is perfect.  In the song, the boys ask a simple question: Do you love me or love my money?  The message of their song is clear as they remind listeners to love each other unconditionally, for rich and for poor.

Sauti Sol is an award winning quartet of singers who can also play their own music from Nairobi, Kenya.  They have been making music together since 2008 and have two albums, Mwanzo and Sol Filosofia. I appreciate Sauti Sol for a number of reasons.  First of all, these men can sing and they play live music! [Sauti Sol on NPR]

In today’s music, majority of the music playing on the radio is digital and computerized. It is good to hear real instruments every now and again.  I am also a  fan of Sauti Sol’s music because of their thoughtful lyrics.  They have something to say with their music and they use their talent to provide a positive message for Kenyan youth.

They also know how to make fun and upbeat songs.  In September, Sauti Sol released the video for “Range Rover.” On the first listen, one may think the group is really singing about having a new range rover and other expensive material objects.  However, listen and watch the video closely and you will understand the deeper critique of a materialistic society. Take a look:

If you want to learn more about Sauti Sol, check out their website and follow them on twitter. Also, continue to check my blog because I will be sure to feature their music from time to time. Until then, listen to their latest digital album. My favorite track is “Love or Leave.”